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    Portable UVC Germicidal Lamp


    This Portable UVC Germicidal Lamp can be operated easily using light sources with wavelengths of 275 nm and 395 nm make for highly effective disinfection. It is also fitted with a USB cord which allows easy charging anytime and anywhere. Features: Using USB interface, this can be attached easily for charging to power bank, laptop,…

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    Powerful 51 LED UV Flashlight Torch


    This Powerful 51 LED UV Flashlight Torch has high-intensity LED lights and emits 365-nm UV, which make it superior to typical incandescent and LED-only flashlights Also, this flashlight has multiple use such as determining stains, checking notes, credit cards, fluorescent inks, cracked glasswares, or may be used for a crime scene investigation! Features: Contains 51…

  • Sale! SUN5-48W-LED-UV-Nail-Lamp_Product

    SUN5 48W LED UV Nail Lamp


    SUN5 48W LED UV Nail Lamp offers fast and painless curing for gels on fingernails and toenails. Its double light source, with wavelengths of 365 nm and 405 nm, ensures curing in all directions. Features: Has 50000-hours capacity lifetime that quickly dries nail gel; Cures all LED gel and UV nail gel in the market;…

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    Ultra Violet LED Flashlight


    This high quality Ultra Violet LED Flashlight is lightweight with its black aluminium body. It has a length of 97 mm and a diameter of 30 cm. Also, this flashlight uses minimal power consumption and has a single ON/OFF button for easy operation. This easily fits in backpacks, toolboxes, car trunks, and even in pockets!…