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What Are UV Lights?

Lighting products which make use of ultraviolet light, commonly called UV, are capable of finding more invisible stains and marks on surfaces unlike their counterparts. This is because many insects, marks, and fluids from humans and animals fluoresce or glow under UV light. Ultraviolet lights are also commonly used for disinfection because they are capable of killing germs and viruses. Also, in salons, UV nail lamps are used to cure and quick-dry newly applied nail polish.

Light-emitting diodes or LEDs generate high-intensity light with less energy and this results in higher energy efficiency and longer bulb life.

We have a selection of UV lights that you can choose from based on your needs. The list includes but is not limited to the following: UV LED flashlight, Powerful 51-LED UV Flashlight Torch, Sun5 48W LED UV Nail Lamp, and Portable UVC Germicidal Lamp.

Common Features of UV Lights

Lighting tools are useful during surveillance, inspection, and home and office improvement and maintenance activities. Flashlights must be capable of adequately illuminating a space to ensure safety and precision while doing tasks. It is also important that the tools being utilized can make organisms and fluids present on surfaces visible and identifiable. Lighting tools with UV have to be convenient to use and charge and compact enough to be stored in backpacks and toolboxes.

Our line has several offerings for you and below is our simple and quick guide on which is which (to help you decide fast which to buy – or you can buy them all).

UV LED Flashlight. This is a lightweight UV LED flashlight with a black aluminium body and a length of 97 mm and a diameter of 30 cm. This product has minimal power consumption and a single ON/OFF button for easy operation, and fits in backpacks, toolboxes, car trunks, and even in pockets.

Powerful 51-LED UV Flashlight Torch. This product has 51 high-intensity LED lights and emits 365-nm UV, which make it superior to typical incandescent and LED-only flashlights. Its body, which measures 14.5 cm x 5.4 cm, is encased in aluminium and it is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

Sun5 48W LED UV Nail Lamp. This product offers fast, painless curing for gels on fingernails and toenails. Its double light source, with wavelengths of 365 nm and 405 nm, ensures curing in all directions. Designed for professional nail experts, it has multiple timer settings and a digital time display for precision.

Portable UVC Germicidal Lamp. With a diameter and length of 1.8 cm and 25.5 cm, respectively, this product is convenient to carry out and store. It’s simple operation and light sources with wavelengths of 275 nm and 395 nm make for highly effective disinfection. It is also fitted with a USB cord which allows easy charging anytime and anywhere.

For a more detailed specifications of our UV lights, please click here.


Why Use UV Lights? Here Are Reasons Why You Should

Aside from illuminating spaces, UV lights are also proven effective in detecting stains, bugs, marks, and leaks in household items and surfaces. They can also kill disease-causing microorganisms in a simple, fast, and cost-effective manner. Specially-designed UV lamps such as nail lamps are used commercially for gel nail polish drying and finishing. Lighting tools with UV are affordable and suitable for various activities and home and office projects.

UV lights are widely used by law enforcement and security personnel and by nail artists. It has also become a common tool in households and offices requiring high-quality illumination and disinfection.

UV lights are portable, lightweight, energy-efficient, and easy to operate and they have become staple items in home and office toolboxes.

UV lights are perfect for your surveillance, disinfection, and general home and office improvement needs and various products are available at affordable prices.

Using Your UV Light

Your UV light requires a power source which may be dry-cell batteries or another device with a USB port. Make sure to check the manual for the specifications and quantity of power sources.

Your UV light is a high-intensity light source. When in use, please ensure that it is not directed to your eyes or even your pet’s eyes. For safety during prolonged use, it is best to put on UV protective glasses. Also, do not put your nails under a UV nail lamp longer than the recommended curing time.

Guaranteed Best Price

The price of our UV lights differs according to the type and quantity that you need for your tasks. It is important to note that buying them will surely give you more convenience in lighting up, inspecting, curing, and cleaning your surfaces. The convenience that it gives is worth and the quality materials it is made with, is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!


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